Recognising that ANZCO Foods Canterbury had a need for greater information from their plant operations in order to control production efficiencies and costs, they approached Swarm Intelligence.


Software overview



An EMI which gives you manufacturing information when you need it, to make better informed decisions.

FactoryTalk View


A versatile dedicated HMI application that's a powerful solution for machine-level operator interface devices.

Studio 5000


Delivers standardised framework for discrete, process, batch, motion, safety and drive-based systems.


Unified, software defined Virtualisation software.

ANZCO, like many plants, have many different control systems and needed a solution that would integrate with them all to provide cohesive reporting across the plant areas.

As a recognised Rockwell system integrator, Swarm Intelligence is familiar with the power of Rockwell‘s FactoryTalk View and VantagePoint products to present a live view of the plant as well as provide sophisticated trending and reporting functionalities.

In conjunction with ANZCO's IT department in Christchurch, Swarm Intelligence designed and implemented a system that met their IT requirements of virtualisation. This meant locating the SCADA and Logging computers centrally in their Christchurch data centre, and utilising VMWare to provide a fully redundant solution so that data is not lost. The wealth of drivers available using RSLinx mean data is collected locally from the many different PLCs from different manufacturers served up to the main servers in Christchurch. Should the Christchurch link fail then the local data servers buffer the data until such time the link is restored.

On site operators, technicians, and managers now use the clients to connect to the Christchurch network, giving them the ability so view the plant information screens as well as view trends and reports.

Swarm Intelligence have remote access to both the Christchurch system hub and Ashburton site to provide assistance and maintenance.  Rockwell’s VPN support means we can support every aspect of the system, from operator HMI’s to manager’s reports.

The result is a successful implementation, with potential to encompass data from other ANZCO sites.


ANZCO have already seen the benefits in Ashburton, here are just a few:

  • Reduced energy use by 10.7% with energy costs down by 5.3%.
  • Better chiller management and insights into actual capacity.
  • Real time performance of plant.
  • Compliance and reporting information moved to single portal.
  • Lowered IT investment by virtualisation of the automation layer.


Springfree Manufacturing (China)

Springfree needed additional support with an automation project requiring innovative electrical engineering.

This involved precision manufacturing coupled with an expectation for continued on site availability in China to maintain improved quality assurance.

Software overview

Developing dedicated software, customised to ensure uncompromised accuracy for critical component placement.

The mechanics of hydraulic positional control are challenging due to the high speed automated process involved. This proved beyond a doubt the most challenging aspect of Swarm’s involvement.

Clever mechanical engineering goes hand in hand equally with clever software, in order to create a unique and fit for purpose solution. The intelligence lies in the monitoring of this - demonstrating precision control with intelligent software!

The ‘Coupling’ of Spring Free technology with Swarm Intelligence technology, enabled the Springfree product to be designed, then engineered to their levels of total accuracy and quality. Swarm Intelligence provided the opportunity for the project to be completed to those same high standards with their electrical engineering contribution.


The project was executed utilising the latest software technologies, with no dabbling in expertise out of their scope.


Control Overview

As is the case with all their international projects, Swarm Intelligence ensures there is a seamless capability to connect remotely. This is essential in providing an efficient support component for the project, which is extremely important in any hi tech build undertaken. However local support is available within the family of those who are Allen Bradley integrators in China if required.


The initiative behind our choosing Allen Bradley Integrators, was due to the uncompromising quality and support that Allen Bradley represents.


Project Requirements

Through electrical engineering Swarm Intelligence designed and built the capacity to monitor and control the insertion of mechanical socket supports for flexible composite rods, into the Springfree trampoline frames.


This enabled power management over Hydraulic Systems to produce high speed, high quality manufacturing.


Hardware Overview

Hardware based in China and supported from New Zealand requires confidence and uncompromised quality. Swarm Intelligence built the hardware with this ethos in mind, and designed it with the appropriate conservative calculation according to the duty requirements of the plant.


The implications of some countries power supplies can prove to be an extra obstacle for plant reliability and robust operation. China has its own collection of concerns about supply integrity and connection. Swarm Electrical Engineering focussed heavily in this area in order to achieve problem free production on site.

"The team at Swarm Intelligence delivered an electrical control system for the hydraulics on a family of key, custom tooling developed to manufacture our product. The ability to connect remotely to the control system and the active and ongoing support from Swarm has been integral to the successful implementation of this project."


Hamish McIntyre, Engineering Manager

Springfree New Zealand Ltd

The benefits gained by Springfree's from collaborating with Swarm Intelligence:

Human intervention minimised

Minimising operator influence whilst maintaining consistent manufacturing.

Ensuring personnel safety with high quality assurance - this is only achievable when well designed automation is implemented.



The ability to set machinery to exact requirements leaving it do its job, equals mass production.


Cost recovery

With high end automation the initial capital investment is swiftly recovered due to improved productivity and quality.


Ongoing support

Any issues or concerns Swarm Engineering are immediately available to provide a solution.



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