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Our ethos

Our ethos is one of team work and collaboration. Under our former name Gregor Electrical, we were a medium-sized electrical services company and developed an impressive portfolio of clients and successful projects.

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Our name

When we became Swarm Intelligence (from 2010), we added to our former model by way of a number of features to greatly improve our ability to assist clients to achieve their performance goals.

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How we work

By working with us, you can draw from our team of experts who specialise in developing streamlined process controls in an impressive range of industries at an international level.

Meet the management

The guys who head up our swarm

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Gary Masters
Managing Director

As Managing Director of an Automation Company, the need to have an extensive background in the challenges of industrial manufacture is essential. Gary has worked across a wide range of those industries as an Industrial Maintenance Electrician and Electrical Engineer where he gained his skills. He  became part of the then small, local electrical business in 1992, and was instrumental in growing the business to where it is today – now known as Swarm Intelligence. Projects now being undertaken in China, Europe and many parts of the world are a testament to the focus he has placed in the development of the business.

The ethos of the company centres on core values and good people, imperative attributes that Gary ensures as part of the Swarm formula.

Outside of work he has a keen interest in boating and fishing. He has also been a Rotarian for more than 15 years and where possible uses that role to help others achieve personal goals.

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Craig Blaikie
Technical Director

With over 18 years of experience with the team at Swarm Intelligence, as well as other electrician experience, Craig contributes a wealth of electrical and system knowledge. Upon joining Swarm Intelligence Craig showed a talent for PLC and Computer software programming allowing him to move quickly through the ranks.

Craig is the Technical Director, which involves architectural overview on PLC control systems, Cloud computing and ICT support, and problem solving of computer and PLC systems and networks. Craig bought into the company in 2011.

He carries on his love for technology with hobbies in amateur theatre sound and lighting, computer software and hardware, as well as an interest in health and fitness.

Craig Says… "Working for Swarm Intelligence is great, there is always something new and challenging going on. Every day is different so you never get bored doing the same thing."

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Steve Arker
Director of Executions

Born in the 60’s, High School in the 70’s, School of Life in the 80’s, Steve took the long way around before starting his true electrical career in the 90’s.

Working for an Electrical Supply Authority and undertaking a combination of correspondence and poly tech classes Steve qualified as an Electrician and kept studying until he’d gained his NZCE (Electrical).

Working for an ESA in a rural area provided a wide variety of work experiences from Generation & Distibution on the network to Industrial, Commercial & Residential maintenance and wiring in homes and businesses for the good folk of Mid Canterbury.

As Steve’s knowledge of the trade was growing, so too was the use of PLC’s, VFD’s  and other TLA’s¹ within New Zealand industry.

In 1995 an opportunity arose with Gregor Electrical to gain further experience in the industrial and automation sector. Since that time Steve has designed and implemented a large variety of installations from small on-machine systems to complete new factories. Simple hard wired relay logic or complex integrated designs, all have their unique challenges and considerations which require the same level of thought and attention to detail.

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The rest of the hive

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We're backed up by industrial engineers, software technicians, embedded electronics and electrical inspectors with TÜV Qualifications, who operate at the top of their game, in their field of expertise.

All our staff have a background in the electrical trade, (trade and advanced trade certificate), and have practical experience on what makes machinery work, from the low level wiring and hardware, up to the PLC, logic and high level computer control.  When it comes to designing software that make machines work this is a definite advantage.

The TÜV Functional Safety Engineer course provides engineers involved in safety instrumented systems with education on functional safety, current applicable standards, their requirements, and state of the art tools, techniques and methodologies.  This certification is part of our strategy to strengthen our activities in the area of machine and electrical safety and SIL (Security Integrity Level) applications.

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